Sales Ranking Assistant successfully held a target management work meeting Multiple benefits, Multi-directional efforts


On December 1, 2022, the Sales Ranking Assistant Head office successfully held the 2022 target management work conference and media discussion in the United States, conscientiously implemented the spirit of enterprise, published important content, and made a detailed summary of the company's work in the first half of this year, and deployed and arranged the next key work.


Warm congratulations:

Sales Ranking Assistant's 2022 full-year order performance target has been exceeded in November ahead of schedule


The U.S. Sales Ranking Assistant's 2022 full-year order performance target has been exceeded ahead of schedule in November, and will start to set the 2023 full-year performance target in early December.Sales Ranking Assistant adheres to the full implementation of the work requirements of value management, takes high-value business as the guide to diversified development, is based on the global Internet retail market, operates in accordance with the law and complies with the law, and conducts various businesses in an orderly manner.


Facing the many difficulties brought about by the global epidemic, the company has worked hard to overcome the difficulties and move forward. It has taken multiple measures to promote business development at the same time, communicated with customers through various methods, and actively explored the market, thus achieving excellent performance and winning the dual recognition of the market and users.This is the fruit of the concerted efforts of all the agents of the Sales Ranking Assistant.


The global market is unprecedented in popularity, and the Sales Ranking Assistant branch in Ottawa, Canada, and the Moscow branch in Russia are about to be completed.


Since the development of the global market in 2022 has far exceeded expectations, in order to provide higher profits and more convenient and high-quality services to the global customer base, Sales Ranking Assistant will add more orders in 2023, and those with more than 10 direct team members will receive 10% of the total VIP amount of team members and 2 times the dividend of their VIP level.And set up branches in Ottawa, Canada, and Moscow, Russia, and began to lay out plans for the establishment of branches in Pakistan, France, Australia and other countries.


The first choice for investment--Sales Ranking Assistant Dividend fund will be issued soon


Sales Ranking Assistant is about to issue a dividend-paying fund with a good governance structure, excellent profitability, and attention to shareholder returns. The biggest feature is to emphasize the rate of return on dividends and strive for quarterly dividends.Under the premise of a better environment in the global Internet retail market, while obtaining stable order income and promoting platforms to explore the market and obtain rewards, choose the opportunity to invest in funds with high credit quality to increase investment returns.


The Sales Ranking Assistant agent will become a shareholder of the Sales Ranking Assistant dividend fund, enjoy the diversity of investment while obtaining multi-channel income, and truly become a community of interests of the Sales Ranking Assistant, coexisting and developing together.


Sales Ranking Assistant is specially connected to the global e-commerce platform Amazon to increase more sales of Amazon merchants' products so that their products can be known to more people and ranked higher. Through repeated calculations and analysis of consumer behavior and preferences, the platform pushes orders for popular products to the SRA platform for swiping orders to increase the popularity of its own stores, thereby bringing higher sales to merchants, and agents earn revenue by completing daily allocated orders.From 2017 to 2022, the Sales Ranking Assistant platform has completed more than 100 billion orders, generating revenue of up to US11 billion for agents.


As we know, the Sales Ranking Assistant in the global Internet retail market has obviously become an industry leader.With the advancement of the global layout of Sales Ranking Assistant, now, we will pay more attention to the Sales Ranking Assistant as the core, provide more promotion rewards for agents, and help each agent expand the market and expand their own team.Welcome to join the Sales Ranking Assistant, the time of wealth is coming for you!

Platform advantage

1. Serving Amazon Orders are sufficient.

2. The interface is simple and clear, easy to operate.

3. Deposits and withdrawals are convenient and fast, and transfers can be made in major stocks exchanges and wallets.

4. Support settlement with USDT virtual currency.



1.Sales Ranking Assistant supports balance deposits with high annualized rate of return.

2.Sales Ranking Assistant supports USDT deposit service.

3.Sales Ranking Assistant supports VIP level promotion, the higher the level, the higher the income.

4.Sales Ranking Assistant supports members to earn rewards by inviting friends and family to join.

5.Sales Ranking Assistant has a robot to automatically manage your account, saving you more time.

6.Sales Ranking Assistant 24/7 multilingual online customer service.




Sales Ranking Assistant serves the world's major cross-border e-commerce, leading us to a better life.

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