【HeadLine】VenusDAO NFT Platform

Venus DAO is a collaborative network of decentralized organizations composed of senior foundations, developers, content creators, community consensus members and blockchain enthusiasts in the blockchain industry.


Qatar Funds Charity to Launch Web 3.0 Platform with Blockchain Technology to Promote Charitable Work

Qatar Funds Charity, a subsidiary of Qatar Funds, has recently announced its plans to launch a new platform called Web 3.0 charity, combined with blockchain technology research to aid charitable work. The organization is taking a step towards modernizing the charity sector and promoting efficient charitable giving using innovative technology.


E-Cigarette Company:Let's get compliant!

Recently, a very noteworthy piece of news came to the attention of those involved in the e-cigarette industry. The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida granted a temporary injunction filed by a company called VPR, and ELFBAR was banned in the US for being involved in a trademark infringement case.


3N Eye Care Introduces the Revolutionary Eye Contact Lenses Cleaner for Dry Eye Relief

3N Eye Care, a leading company in eye care technology, announces the launch of ReO2, the world’s first eye contact lens cleaner designated for dry eye relief.


emoose Portable Power Stations Deliver Unparalleled, Chainable Power Up to 3004Wh

Enjoy ultimate power security and independence during off-grid trips with emoose’s power stations – the world’s first portable batteries built on modular platform architecture. Using chainable power, two emoose batteries provide up to 3004Wh of continuous charging with its unique Duo Mode. By introducing Polymer NCM and LiFePO4 battery, emoose’s power stations have 3 times lifespan comparing with existing products in the market, which set a new indutry standard.


Hong Kong Film Industry In 110 Years – Evolution And Rebirth

On April 1st, 20 years ago, Leslie Cheung bid his final farewell to this world. Though he is no longer with us, his influence endures. While many of us still miss him dearly, we also look back fondly on the golden age of Hong Kong cinema that he embodied.


2 Million Pieces! ZOVOO proudly announces impressive first week of DRAGBAR Z700 SE's UK sales

Exciting news recently came out that the DRAGBAR Z700 SE, which was launched on March 15th by the world’s leading disposable e-cigarette brand ZOVOO along with its sister brand VOOPOO, has surpassed 2 million sales in the UK in the first week! The news has instantly rocked the entire UK market.


MetaStar, the First 3A GameFi on GODE Chain - Fight for Spice!

In recent years, the application of blockchain technology in the gamefi industry has become increasingly widespread. Gamefi combine blockchain technology with gaming experiences, allowing players to earn virtual assets and cryptocurrencies by participating in games, thus creating a new economic model.


The 2nd "Picturesque and Dynamic Zhejiang" Global Short Video Contest is launched

offering a top prize of 1 million yuan and introducing the Asian Games Creative Dissemination Award.

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